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Now this is BUBSALICIOUS..


BUBS is a Swedish candy that has been originated by a Swedish family since the early 1990’s.

BUBS creates a playful mix of taste, texture and form. Each individual sweet comes with double flavours and unusual shapes which definitely catches your attention!

What flavours are the BUBS?

Cool cola skulls (sour)

Sour lightning bolts (sour)

Giant sour skulls (sour)

Raspberry & Lemon skull foam (sour)

Bubblegum fizzy skull foam (sour)

Cool passion pineapple skull foam (sour)

Tutti frutti foam (sour)

Sour skulls micro (sour)

Octopus sour (sour)

Wild strawberry pomegranate oval foams

Banana & caramel oval foams

Watermelon oval foams

Our BUBS mix can change slightly due to stock issues


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  • Our pouches are 100% recyclable! - Please don’t throw me away in the bin

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