Gluten free mix 1KG

We make sure to follow our own strict rules to ensure there is no cross contamination when packing your sweets. We use a fresh bowl that is just for gluten free sweets aswell as clean utensals and gloves.


What is included in this mix;

- Jelly filled skulls

- Strawberry mushrooms

- Apple bon bons

- Blue raspberry bon bon

- Watermelon & cherry jelly beans

- Fizzy octopus

- Haribo friendship rings

- Fizzy snakes

- Fizzy watermelons

- Strawberry kisses

- Gummy bones

- Mini BUBS skulls

- Monsters

- Snow mix

- Sherbet tubs

Gluten free mix 1KG

  • We accept no returns unless you have recieved the wrong item. You will have to provide a photograph via email.