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PicknMix Jar 1.6kg

Apple belts GEL

Baby dolphins GF

Baby meerkats V DF GEL

Blackberry & raspberry gums GF DF

Blue raspberry bon bon’s GF

Bubblegum bon bon’s GF

Bubblegum mermaids V DF GEL

BUBS Bubblegum sour skulls V

BUBS Cool cola sour skulls V

BUBS Mini ovals caramel & banana foams V GF DF GEL

BUBS Passion pineapple sour skulls V

BUBS Blue raspberry foams V

BUBS Sour bolts V

BUBS Sour raspberry & lemon skulls V GF DF GEL

BUBS Strawberry & pomegranate foams V

BUBS Tutti frutti sour skulls V

BUBS Watermelon foams V GF DF GEL

Candy watches V GF DF GEL

Dracula teeth V DF GEL

Fizzy blue raspberries V GF GEL

Fizzy blue raspberry rockets DF

Fizzy blue babies V Ve

Fizzy bubblegum bottles DF

Fizzy chips GF DF

Fizzy cola bottles V GEL

Fizzy dracula teeth V DF GEL

Fizzy jelly snakes GF DF

Fizzy peaches GF

Fizzy strawberries V GF GEL

Fizzy teddy bears V GF GEL

Fizzy tongue painting dummies V DF GEL

Fizzy tongues V DF GEL

Fizzy twin cherries V GF GEL

Foam bananas

Foam shrimps

Fruit salads & Black jacks GEL

Funky fruits V GF DF GEL

Giant strawberries V DF GEL

Haribo cola bottles

Haribo rhubarb & custards

Jelly filled brains GF

Jelly filled pizzas GF DF

Jelly filled skulls GF

Jelly filled snails GF

Jelly filled strawberries GF DF

Jelly filled turtles GF

Jelly sharks GF

Juicy red lips GF

Jumbo fizzy cherry cola bottles GF DF

Milk bottles

Mini fizzy watermelon slices

Mini gummy teeth fangs GF

Peelable watermelon slices

Psycho mice GF

Rainbow belts

Sour apples V DF GEL

Sour candy rainbow shocks V

Sour dummies V GF GEL

Sour melon slices V GEL DF

Sour mini worms V DF

Sour strawberry pencil bites

Space mix V DF GEL

Strawberry & cream jelly GF

Strawberry belts

Strawberry bon bon’s GF

Strawberry dummies V DF GEL

Strawberry mini pencil bites

Strawberry planks

Strawberry twist kisses GF DF

Swirly fish GF

Sugar coated lips 

Toffee bon bon’s GF

Tongue painters V DF GEL

Twin cherries GF

Watermelon bon bon’s GF

PicknMix Jar 1.6kg

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  • V - Vegan      Ve - Vegetarian       GF - Gluten Free       DF - Dairy Free       GEL - Gelatine Free


    Please see 'Our Selection page' for further information on all of our sweets listed. 

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