1KG Sweetify Mix

What is included in our Sweetify Mix?

Strawberry bon bons

Haribo cola bottles

Haribo freaky fish

Haribo rhubarb and custard

Dracula teeth

Sour dracula teeth


Strawberry pencil bites

Fizzy strawberry pencil bites

Fizzy twin cherries

Fizzy bubblegum bottles

Sour mini tongues

Sour melon slices

Fizzy tongue painting dummies

BUBS sour octupus

Fizzy snakes

Strawberry belts

Apple belts

Rainbow belts

Swirly fish

Strawberry and cream fizzy slices

Sherbet tubs

Fizzy chips

1KG Sweetify Mix

  • Not too sure on what sweets to choose? Dont worry Sweetify has got you covered!

    Our Sweetify mix bag has over 20 different type of sweets for you to try.