Vegetarian mix 1KG

This mix is full of flavoursome sweets suitable for vegetarians.


What is included in this mix;

- Strawberry & cream slices

- MIni fizzy rainbow belts

- Watermelon & cherry jelly beans 

- Watermelon fizzy dummies

- Tongue painters

- Fizzy tongue painting dummies

- Haribo strawbs

- Dracula teeth 

- Fizzy dracula teeth

- BUBS mini skulls

- BUBS melon foam skulls

- BUBS raspberry & blueberry foams

- BUBS sour octupus

- BUBS cool cola skulls

- Melon slices

- Fizzy tongues

- Fizzy blue babies

- Blue rapsberry bon bons

- Strawberry bon bons 

- Sugar coated strawberries

- Sour apples

- Apple belts


Vegetarian mix 1KG

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