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  • I am allergic to gluten, what should I do?
    If you have a lifestyle or dietary requirement you will need to state what you are allergic / intolerant to in the order comment box following with an email straight after you place an order. In our 'Pre made bags' we have sweet mixes that are suitable for (Gluten free, Dairy free, Gelatin free, Vegan, & Vegetarian.) What we will do to accommodate your needs. For every dietary / lifestyle requirement we use separate bowls when creating your PicknMix, this is to stop cross contamination between the different sweets. We also change our gloves in-between every order we pack. We will then try our best to accommodate your needs so you are able to still enjoy our sweeties!
  • I have entered the wrong address!
    If you have entered the wrong shipping address you will need to email us within 4 hours of placing your order. If you fail to do this you will have to wait for your parcel to be returned back to us so we can create your new shipping label. Please email us;
  • I have not received my tracking number?
    If you have not received your tracking number from your chosen carrier, please feel free to email us so we can sort this out for you. Remember sometimes the tracking email can end up in your junk mail.
  • My parcel says it has been delivered but I have not received it?
    If you have not received your parcel, but it is showing 'delivered' on the tracking system this is the process we will go through with you. - First of all you will need to check the 'safe place' your neighbour to see if your parcel has been handed over. - If your parcel can still not be located please email us your full name, order number and a small description of what has happened. - Once we have received this information, we can begin the claims process for you. - We will create a claims for your lost / stolen parcel to find out what has happened. (Please bare in mind this can take up to 30 days.) - Unfortunately we cannot send out your order to you again, until we have heard back from the carrier. - We will keep you informed with the whole process, including forwarding over the claims number.
  • My parcel could not be delivered, and is now being returned back to the seller.
    If your parcel has been redirected to us as the seller, due to either: - Not giving the correct address information for your shipping label - No one at the property - The parcel being rejected We will have to wait for the parcel to be handed back to us before offering a refund or replacement. (This can take up to 5 workings days.) If you would like us to re send out your parcel to you, please make sure you provide the correct shipping information via email.
  • My parcel has arrived damaged
    If your parcel has been damaged, please email us 24hours from receiving your parcel. You will need to provide us with photographic evidence of what is damaged - If you are unable to provide this we will not be able to offer a refund or replacement for your order. If the box is damaged but the products inside are completely fine, we will not be able to offer a refund or replacement.
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