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Freeze dried sweets

WE ARE SO EXCITED!! Freeze dried sweets is finally here at Sweetify

We are beyond excited to be selling freeze dried sweets, giving you guys a MASSIVE twist to Pick n Mix.

What is Freeze dried?

Freeze-dried sweets are a fusion of science and culinary artistry. The process involves removing the moisture from the treats while maintaining their original flavour, texture, and nutritional content. Unlike traditional methods that often compromise taste and freshness, freeze-drying ensures a longer shelf life without compromising on quality.

Freeze dried drastically changes the flavour and texture of sweets, creating a new confectionary experience for your tastebuds.

What is the difference?

  1. Intense flavour - The freeze dried process concentrates the flavours of the sweets, creating an explosion with every bite

        2. Brand new texture - You will get to experience a texture like no other, with every bite you take it will enhance your experience of sweets

     3. Even longer shelf life - Freeze dried sweets last EVEN Longer than any other sweet you've had before

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