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Pick n Mix 250G Pouch

NEW IN - Foam flowers

NEW IN - Jelly filled whales

NEW IN - Vimto stick

ADD ON - Fire peppers GF

(hot / spicy gummy sweets!)

Baby dolphins GF

Blue raspberry bon bon’s GF

Bubblegum bon bon’s GF

Bubblegum mermaids V DF GEL

BUBS blue raspberry foams V

BUBS strawberry & pomegranate foams V

BUBS caramel & banana foams V

BUBS Cool cola sour skulls V

BUBS Sour bolts V

BUBS Sour raspberry & lemon skulls V GF DF GEL

BUBS Sour skulls V

BUBS egg shells foams V

BUBS Tutti Frutti foams V

Dracula teeth V DF GEL

Fizzy apple belts

Fizzy blue raspberry rockets DF

Fizzy blue stars V GF

Fizzy blue raspberries V GF

Fizzy chips GF DF

Fizzy cola bottles V GEL

Fizzy jelly snakes GF DF

Fizzy rainbow belts

Fizzy tongue painting dummies V DF GEL

Fizzy tongues V DF GEL

Fizzy twin cherries V GF GEL

Fizzy peach rings V GF

Foam bananas

Foam shrimps

Fruit salads & Black jacks GEL

Funky fruits V GF DF GEL

Giant fizzy cherry cola bottles GF

Giant strawberries V DF GEL

Haribo cola bottles

Haribo rhubarb & custards

Jelly filled brains GF

Jelly filled pizzas GF DF

Jelly filled skulls GF

Jelly filled turtles GF

Jelly sharks GF

Jelly snakes

Juicy red lips GF

Meerkats V DF GEL

Milk bottles

Mini fizzy watermelon slices

Mini gummy teeth fangs GF

Peelable watermelon slices

Psycho mice GF

Scandi cherry fish V GF

Sour apples V DF GEL

Sour dummies V GF GEL

Sour strawberry pencil bites

Space mix V DF GEL

Strawberry dreams

Strawberry dummies V DF GEL

Strawberry mini pencil bites

Strawberry mushrooms GF

Strawberry twist kisses GF

Sugar coated lips

Swirly fish GF

Toffee bon bon’s GF

Tongue painters V DF GEL

Tongue painting mallows

Twin cherries GF

Watermelon bon bon’s GF

Pick n Mix 250G Pouch

250G Pouch Colour
  • V - Vegan      Ve - Vegetarian       GF - Gluten Free       DF - Dairy Free       GEL - Gelatine Free


    Please see 'Our Selection page' for further information on all of our sweets listed. 

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